We use cutting edge software from RAGE SW combined with years of studying the ever changing algorithms of Google to stay current with the latest SEO techniques. Our expertise and continued study of SEO is why our clients remain at the top in search results. We build a solid on-line presence for our clients and make sure they are findable by customers seeking their products and services.

our packages

We offers 3 SEO plans. All plans are on a month to month basis with NO CONTRACTS Requiring extended commitments from our clients is not our style. Providing solid‚ long term results is the key to continuing business relationships.

Plan A $99 per month

This plan includes two fully optimized keyword phrases (e.g. Italian restaurant Bakersfield‚ Italian restaurants in Bakersfield) on site optimization for your business website and Google business page and then submitting our work to Google‚ Yahoo‚ Bing and Ask search engines on a monthly basis. If someone’s searching for your business they will find your web site and Google business page at the top of the list

Plan B $199 per month

You always need a plan B if things aren’t working out like you hoped! This is a more aggressive approach to SEO and includes the implementation of title tags‚meta tags‚ header tags‚ content optimization and our ability to do this properly. We have spent years cutting our teeth and studying SEO and have a proven track record of getting our client’s to the first page of Google in some of the most difficult niches out there. To include multiple keyword on-site SEO (search engine optimization) for both your website and Google business page

Plan C   $999 per month

We like to think of this plan as supercharged SEO and includes a beautifully designed responsive mobile friendly web site‚ multiple keyword optimization on-site and off‚ Google business page optimization and the implementation of our software to add your business listings simultaneously to 70 accredited directories and mobile apps such as GOOGLE BUSINESS‚ FACEBOOK‚YELP‚ BING and YAHOO to name a few. This assures your business information will be exactly the same in every listing and we can update your information in all 70 websites from our dashboard with one click at any time. This plan produces tremendous visibility in local search results. We also optimize off site in all these directories with your targeted keywords. We use our SEO skills when we add your business information so you are being optimized into 70 business directories all at once.